Virya Infotech offers High Speed PCB Design Services, Component Library Creation and Signal Integrity Analysis with emphasis on Quality On-time deliverables. Our Design cycle evolves with Process oriented approach, minimum customer involvement, maximum Customer & Design requirement and error free timely output delivery. PCB design service activity is carried out by a team of highly experienced professionals dedicated to customer services and interaction. We also undertake customized unconventional PCB design for various Form factors with very high mechanical constraints.

"I needed PCB layout support to continue the work of a long time PCB layout employee in a highly specialized field of converting low level analog signal to digital in an electrical high noise environment where impedance and circuit isolation is very important. Viryatech handled this challenge immediately and was able to get up to speed quickly and didn't miss a beat. They since have handled several projects professionally with quick turnaround time and quality service."

Karl Carlson
President and Chief Designer
Product Development Company, USA

"We have been using Viryatech for many years now, for Allegro layout jobs. They are always accommodating and do their best to get things done quickly. They are experts in terms of using the Cadence Allegro tool. They are also always friendly and have helped train some of our own layout engineers in using Allegro. We highly recommend them and will continue to use them ourselves.

Albert Castillo
Product & Design services company, USA

"Timely and accurate services"

PCB Fab company, USA

" I have been working with Viryatech for three years and I'm very happy with the speed of service, prompt answer and quality. Viryatech is always helpful and courteous.

Viryatech is my #1 partner for layout. "

Gabriel Segalla
President, Design services company from Italy

Virya Infotech has very sound expertise on layout design and they are able to understand the customer needs very well. They provide very valuable suggestions during the design phase based on their prior experience. Virya is very friendly and flexible to work with and they feedback for corrections / modifications were very clear and crisp that helps us a lot to quickly close the issue. Also the deliverables from Virya were complete in all aspects and we never got any query from the fab house on Virya's deliverables.

We prefer to work with Virya Infotech in future.

Best Wishes,
Managing Director,
Product development company, India

"When our customers needed designs for their PCB layouts, Viryatech has stepped in and provided us with responsive, quick and accurate files. In all cases we received useable files within a 24-hour period.”

Geoff Smith
V.P. - Marketing, Sales and Quality Control
PCB fab company from USA

"Equipped with latest CAD tools, of most Industry standard types, Viryatech is a highly meticulous, trustworthy and reliable partner for PCB CAD. They are equipped with state of the art skills allowing us to design HDI boards using chip-scale footprints with confidence.

Attention to detail and timely delivery are their forte. Their patience and accommodative nature, even accepting innumerable last minute changes with a smile, makes their team a pleasure to work with"

- Srikanth B. Bhat,
Head, Hardware Technology Division
Product development & Designservices company
From India
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